40(ish) words of Torah(ish)

I like the name too much to change it entirely, but I'm tweaking to allow more flow through. (Also doing a b'li neder omer count)

Day 5: Hod within Chesed

Releasing into the knowledge
I am loved.

How can I recognize the bubble of grace
Enveloping my loved ones
before it pops?

Tears of relief in the ER.

Tiferet within Chesed

Tonight is the third night of the Omer

The jewel in the crown

Day 1: Chesed within Chesed

Within my heart, the heart of her birthmother.

Love made whole;
invisible connection.

The truth:
it’s nested hearts all the way down.

Not turtles.

“Due to technical difficulties, 40 words of Omer will be suspended until Tuesday. Still counting, just not posting. Check back soon!”

Day 24: Tiferet sheb’Netzach

My city’s incredible compassion for each other as we persevere.

Our tiny one seeks the balance to activity, asleep on my chest.

The splendid moment when Israel would cross the Jordan shines at the heart of 40 years in wilderness.

Davenning with a little one in tow who can’t seem to sleep today without someone next to her. #energeticallysensitve

Day 23: Gevurah sheb’Netzach

To persevere calls for saying no to a thousand distractions, separating the essential from the frivolous.

Baby’s development requires steering away from, as well as toward.

For Israel to reach Milk and Honey, an extra measure of wandering is required.

Day 22: Chesed sheb’Netzach

The tender shoot draws unbounded potential, pushing to break through hard spring ground.

As my daughter learns to overcome gravity, I lovingly nudge her in the right direction.

Israel’s ability to withstand Amalek draws from the eternal flow of love.

Day 21: Malchut sheb’Tiferet

Breathing into balance. Letting beauty permeate into the core.

Watching my dad cuddle my child, age balanced with youth, Its beauty washing through me.

The indwelling presence of God settles deep in the heart of Israel during the Shemitah year.

Apologies to my daily omer readers… Life happens. Rather than catching up right now, I’ll continue on the cycle. L’shalom.